• To be outgoing and self-motivated
  • To have a clear accent and to be professional
  • To be friendly, helpful and to care about the students’ progress as individuals
  • To prepare an interesting and lively class by preparing a variety of activities
  • To plan and implement interactive classes that facilitate active participation by the children
  • To give focused and useful feedback on the students’ English and on their class performance
  • To be familiar with basic classroom management techniques such as, monitoring, giving feedback, using the whiteboard effectively, teaching vocabulary, correcting mistakes, giving clear instructions and explanations


  • Our service is absolutely FREE, we ask for no money at any time.
  • You will be provided with your own CASE MANAGER, who solely deals with your case. We are here to support you.
  • It is MORE PERSONAL, as you only deal with a small group of people, people that are dedicated to providing you with high quality service, from the moment you sending your inquiries to you arriving at the school in China.
  • It is TRANSPARENT, you will be provided with employment contract, teaching material, lesson plans, employment location etc. before you book your air ticket.

  • We offer FREE ACCOMMODATION, which reflects on the competitive local salary we give to you.
  • We only ask you to work UP TO 22 HOURS A WEEK! Other international schools demand more from you, i.e., work 40 hours a week including evenings and weekends. We do not ask you to do that.
  • We REIMBURSE YOUR AIR TICKET! We offer to pay for your travels here, so you do not have to worry about paying extortionate prices to travel to China.
  • We are one of the only TEFL consultancies that allows you to EARN EXTRA INCOME BY TEACHING PRIVATELY. Private tuition is in high demand, especially in China. One of our previous teachers earned up to 1,000RMB a week EXTRA!


Englon TEFL is a British consultancy that recruits intern/foreign teacher for public schools, organizations and educational company in China. Our partner is one of the first companies authorized by SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) to recruit and assign foreign teachers in mainland China and the largest BPO provider to Chinese kindergartens/schools/colleges/universities in China.

Our role is to recommend a candidate with possible teaching positions in China and the candidate will sign a contract directly with our partners. This will be done before the candidate goes to China. The candidate will be responsible for ensuring they meet all passport, visa and medical requirements currently in force and comply with all customs and legal requirements.

We are not an agent of the candidate; we act as a consultant. We do not contract with or advise the candidate. We make no charge to the candidate and incur no legal liability for or by reason of the contractual arrangements made between our partners and the candidate or otherwise. If an appointment is recommended, the candidate will be offered a contract specifying the salary for that particular candidate plus the other contractual conditions. It is up to the candidate to seek any professional advice he/she requires, as we cannot undertake any legal obligation to the candidate for advice or for any written/oral representations, for the statements herein in this leaflet, or otherwise.