Working with local community and society, we have established a university tour to UK for Chinese student who has ambition to explore the world. We invite top-tier Chinese students to Cambridge university and take adventure in the great academic atmosphere.

Every summer and winter, groups of students and elite university candidates are led by our local partners at Cambridge to experience the world-famous academic spot. Check out our previous university tour camp. Download Program Details


The study tour and visit will strongly improve the connection between college and China, and will make certain economic impact for the school. We are currently developing our summer schools and summer study visit, by providing Chinese students to UK schools and take the challenges of different projects. Business cooperation are opening all year around, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a unique talent or skill not shared with your peers?  Summer camp gives uniquely talented children the opportunity to spend time with groups of children with likeminded interests where everyone at the camp will be ‘just like them’. Perhaps you just want to play tennis but need a partner; a tennis camp will provide that much needed opponent to practice those forehands and serves and improve technique at the same time.

Summer camp is a great opportunity to expose students to a variety of experiences with a short commitment (often only a week.)  They can try art, music, cooking, a wide variety of sports, even Confidence Courses (ropes, abseiling, rock climbing etc). There is something for every interest, talent and ability.

Our Future Global Leader Camp consists of two parts: a 5-days professional visit to UN and city tour of New York & Washington D.C. We offer candidates a unique experience in the centre of America and discover a global know-how. Professional talks about sustainable development of entire human beings, workshops of particular political topics and tutorial of UN internship application are absolute a CV boost for every British elite student. Download Program Details

Provide Structured Environment

Exposure to Positive Role Models

  Opportunity for Personal Growth


Routines help children as well as adults.  Keeping kids on a schedule of getting up, dressed and out the door creates routine.  These routines are particularly helpful for managing little ones and motivating older children.  Organized activities throughout the day provide opportunities for play and discovery that stimulate physical and mental heath.


Just like summer camping, our winter camping in China offers a number of activities in addition to the camping itself. In areas with snow, campers can go skiing, climbing, snowshoeing, or ice skating, and some people enjoy constructing insulating structures from snow, or just horsing around in the snow. A camping trip is often accompanied by hiking, although campers generally travel less far than they do in the summer, since conditions like the amount of daylight available and the weather can cut down on travel distances.​

We offer candidates winter camp with Dalian Smile Chinese School in Southeast China. We provide special Chinese teaching services for foreign friends and children of Chinese living abroad during Christmas/Easter holiday, which provide a chance for our students to enjoy the charm of Chinese traditional culture, mean while, candidates from different countries and areas make friends with each other and inspire each on the way of Chinese study.


  Introduce New Activities


This is an opportunity for British students who wish to expand their horizons, meet exciting new people, acquire deeper knowledge of China, and develop valuable skills for life. We are not only enhances student’s ability to gain admission to top universities, but also prepares them for the rigors of college life.

By immersing themselves together in the Chinese language and culture, students will be able to establish long-lasting friendships that will later become beneficial to their business and educational relationships. Most of all, students will find this experience among the most joyful two weeks of their lives. View the courses and city highlight

To our parents: You may have the best behaved child but are your children’s friends the best influences for them?  Do you want some control over who he/she is spending time with all summer long?  Summer camps provide the opportunity to choose the environment where they will spend the bulk of their day even for a week or two at a time.

For students at high schools and universities, we are offering great opportunities to go abroad and visit political centre of this world to expand their horizon. With the exclusive opportunity to go inside United Nations and enjoy the talks provided by UN experts, this could be a once-in-life chance to develop your outlook of the world. 


Do you want to a summer camp in China? Consider the social and educational benefits before making your decision. This could be an opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to learn a new talent or make lifelong friends and memories.

Every year in summer, we are holding a regular Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Camp, ​it is a unique program customized for high school students seeking to fulfill the "community service/volunteer hours" portion of their graduation requirements and leadership program while expanding their global awareness.