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Teaching Oral English in universities

This school owns the library, dancing room, music room, art room, multimedia room, audio visual classroom, electronic lesson-preparation classroom, physical and chemical laboratory, academic hall as well as the multi-functional amphitheater that can contain 300 people. All the teaching devices in the school are complete and are equipped according to the Hubei Province No.1 standard of instruments and equipment. Besides that, this school builds 400-meter plastic track, standard football field, basketball field, campus broadcasting network, standard canteen and campus observatory, it has good atmosphere of campus culture.

Teaching Oral English in middle schools:

Wuhan Wujiashan No.2 Middle School

Teaching Oral English in high schools:

  • Wuxi Qingshan Senior High School
  • Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic
  • Nanchang Institute of Technology

Hangzhou Maiyuqiao Elementary School

Teaching Oral English in primary schools:

We prefer the theory of multiple intelligence and use the concept of “light spectrum” in physics to illustrate our education ideal. We trust that each child is an unique individual and school should promote the development of each student by personal, we call this education method as “light spectrum education”. “Light spectrum education” requires school to “respect differences, appreciate individuals, open education and develop variously”. Our school keeps pursuing this kind of education state and using various courses as well as multiple evaluations to provide our students with opportunities of individual development, thus endows our school with unique style.

  • Wuhan Wujiashan No.2 Middle School
  • Hangzhou Yuhang District Cangqian Middle School
  • ​Zhejiang Hangzhou Tianmu Foreign Language School
  • ​Hangzhou Yuhang Xinda Foreign Language School
  • ​Hangzhou Changzheng Middle School

Wuxi Qingshan Senior High School

Hangzhou Maiyuqiao Elementary School was established in 1925 and with 90 year’s development, this school has grown from a school run by church to a well-known one with good social reputation and public praise. Our school totally has three main campus, including Hushu Campus, Wenlan Campus and Xiawan Campus.

  • Cangqian Experimental Primary School affiliated to Hangzhou Normal University
  • ​Hangzhou Maiyuqiao Elementary School
  • ​Wujiashan No. 5 Primary School of Wuhan
  • ​Wujiashan No. 4 Primary School of Wuhan
  • ​Golden Harvest Primary School of Wuhan
  • Hangzhou Qiaosi Primary School
  • ​Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School

Wuxi Qingshan Senior High School is a four-star high school of Jiangsu province,  Jiangnan University’s Second Affiliated Middle School, located in No. 168,Huihe Road, near Xihui Park, east alongside the ancient canal, in the north Hui Quan Shan Mountain , a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe, harmonious and pleasant. It is a good place to study.

The school moved into the green valley campus of Jiangnan university park (near Xihui Park) in summer,2009. Its investment is more than 240 million yuan in new campus and it covers an area of 111.55 mu, building area of 50000 square meters.
The school has a high-quality teacher team with noble ethics, excellent business and reasonable structure. Both the school education quality and level of school running are rising steadily. Its college acceptance rate is more than 90% a year.


Wuhan Wujiashan No.2 Middle School is located at No.15, Wuxing North Village, Wujiashan Street, Dongxihu District and it was established in 1987 as a single-set junior middle school, which covers an area of 36,261 square meters.