"Public speaking becoming second-nature to me nowadays"

Arrival at the school

All applicants will be shown to their accommodation. Then the following, upon request, will take place:

  • An introduction to the school governing bodies and most of the Chinese-English teaching staff.
  • Orientation of the city, its markets, entertainment, venues, parks, restaurant, cafe and city offices.
  • A full description of all the details relating to Foreign Teacher rights, duties and responsibilities.

All enquiries, and subsequent, assistance is provided by the school - the school is primarily responsible for the Foreign teachers well-being.

Our organization has numerous Foreign (native speaker) and Chinese representatives in all provinces and we are only a phone call away.

"Big respect and appreciation from my Chinese friends"

Fully Structured Support Network

Our organization has worked with the most reputable partners in China all year round. Our representatives/offices are available at any time to consult with all Foreign Interns and teachers over any matter whether it be any kind of negotiations, dispute resolution with BPO schools, places to shop, additional employment, teaching/lesson plans and guidance, providing travel advice, establishing contact with other BPO schools throughout China. We are there to support all interns/teachers with their stay in China, and attempt to make it as pleasant a stay as possible.

"It was fairly efficient. Clear structure with what I needed to follow and do."

"The college is good. Teachers and students are very friendly! The classes are going extremely well"


"Arrival was efficient as I had got picked up straight away. I had got escorted to my college and they kept me informed with any developments"

On arrival in China

Every successful applicant will receive a detailed program package, from one or various BPO schools so that each applicant may peruse and evaluate the best package for them (e.g. size of apartment, computer capabilities, location of the school etc.)

On arrival in China, Foreign Affairs Directors of our company and your BPO schools Foreign Director and other school representatives will greet you at the airport. Where if time permits, you will be given a tour of the places of interest in the city of Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China.

A 2-7 day orientation in our headquarter in Hangzhou will then be given to every candidate. You will be driven to the school and introduced to the school community and the city in general.