Top Tier Universities

China has 9 universities in the London Times Higher Education World Top 350 and around anther ten or so that would be regarded among the top tier universities in China. Virtually all the students enrolled for degree subjects at these universities excelled in the Gaokao, China's College Entrance Exam. The majority are extremely intelligent and diligent students who can already speak and write well in English.

Travel in the mainland China is fairly easy. The world-known high speed train can take you from Hangzhou to Shanghai within an hour. The railway network has covered the entire China.

In most mainland cities, public transport is well managed and constructed. Underground are clean and efficient in top-tier cities, buses and public bicycles are all around the cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou...etc. 

You can also book private cars as well in most cities. China has one of the world largest pre-booked car company -- DiDi Chu Xing, and you can always using Uber in China at any occasion.

Kindergarten & Early Childhood Teaching

Very little that has been said above applies to, perhaps, the most demanding group of Chinese students, those attending kindergarten and schools and centers associated with teaching very young children under 8 to 10 years old: sometimes as young as 3!

Primary & Private English Schools

As English is not taught at the primary school level there are very few overseas teachers employed to teach at a local primary school. However, most parents realize the value of learning English as it is the language not only of international communication but the language their children will have to learn if they want them to study at a prestigious overseas university.


​Life with Chinese Students

You can almost buy any cloth here in China. As the world's largest manufacturing country, you will have choice from the top luxury brand to any local market clothing. It is a great country with strong inclusiveness. All the nations and all traditional clothing are welcomed here. 

China is a country has four distinctive seasons. When preparing to come to China, make sure you have take all the necessary cloths and check the weather report.

At our BPO schools, you will also take part in some social parties that will provide you chance to dress in traditional Chinese cloths. See our foreign teachers perform in partner middle school at Suzhou, Jiangsu.


It's a food heaven.

Chinese cuisine includes styles originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world including most Asian nations. There are eight main series of Chinese cuisine, while there are thousands of local food and cuisine you can find in the city you stay. 

Rice, Noodles, Seafood, Dim Sun...etc. You will always enjoy one of the traditional cuisine here and just remember, you can eat 365-day outside with nothing same as previous day.

So, at least plan a journey of amazing food for yourself. Come to China and have a taste!

Business Institutes & Private Colleges

Most students who attend private business colleges and institutes have already made up their mind what kind of career they intend to pursue and are usually, but not always, less academically inclined. Not having the academic expectations of first-tier university students they are often more practically-minded and are usually easy and interesting to teach.

Most Foreign Internship/Teacher accommodation is on the school premises. This ensures teacher’s safety and ease access to classrooms and facilities.
Modern 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in Shenzhen City - Guangdong Province, Hangzhou City- Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province, most apartments are 2-3 bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom.
Kitchen, bathroom, western toilet (in most instances), computer room (in most instances), lounge/sitting room, and dinning room - approximately 50 square meters - 100 square meters.
Air-conditioning for summer and reverse cycle heating in winter.
Fully furnished apartment (beds, couches, computer desks etc.).
All kitchen utensils - all cookers and gas stove and cooking utensils.
Washing machine.
Foreign Internship/Teacher enjoys FREE electricity and water in some schools in China.


International Schools

In most large cities in China and especially in Beijing and Shanghai, there are number of schools that are established as joint ventures between a major international university and a local educational institution for the purpose of running English and/or university foundation courses for local students who intend to study at that university.

Middle & High Schools

Middle and senior middle school students are usually industrious, hard working and disciplined. Many get out of bed as early as 5 to 6 a.m. and go to school till 3 p.m. But schoolwork doesn't stop when they leave the last class for the day as they often have many homework tasks to submit the next day and will study till night. Through, the government has performed a lot of work to release children's burden at school.

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