Various Mandarin courses are offered at different levels for candidates join our program. For students with no background in Chinese, basic Mandarin course will be provided for free. HSK test (official test of Mandarin in China) registration and guidance are available for all candidates. In addition, for candidates with strong interests in learning Mandarin and Chinese culture, advanced courses are also available upon request:

  1. Business Mandarin
  2. Intensive Mandarin
  3. Chinese Culture exploration
  4. Chinese Business Structure
  5. Chinese calligraphy and Chinese poetry

More than 120 core programs have provided courses taught in English, following the Master course, students would need to study a certain level of Mandarin in order to qualify for the degree. In Jiangsu province, a number of professional and academic courses for internationalization will be developed and a number of featured programs established and taught in other languages (non-Mandarin) will be supported at some colleges and universities across the province. Medicine, Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Computer Science, Etc. are the key programs for most of the foreign students. Training of high-skilled personnel by vocational and technical colleges for Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE) is also supported.




We recruit candidates all year around. Those who wish to take advantage of this offer should enroll as soon as possible as the educational authorities have only allowed for a maximum of 80 students per year. This 3-year program will start from 1st, Sep 2017. The first term of this program will be based on universities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. For candidates interested in this program, please contact us for more information and application details.


II. General Timeline

  • Candidates background check
  • First round interview
  • Candidates pay for the flight to China. The air ticket will be reimbursed upon the completion of first year contract
  • Candidates will be registered in system and start two-week TEFL course provided by SEFEA China
  • Candidates will be working as an English teacher in one of our 800 BPO public schools for two years based on the contract
  • ​Upon the completion of working period, candidates will join one of China’s top 100 universities to study

In UK, studying towards a Master degree sometimes could be a costly decision. Some of the British students are applying for the tuition loan to cover their Master course.

As a consequence, we became aware of there are a lot of UK students seeking opportunity to study overseas. Working with the largest intern/teacher placement education organization in China, we have made arrangements whereby highly talented and qualified British students can now complete their Master degree in one of China’s top 100 universities. The program we have designed is called the “Work for Master” in China. There are no tuition or enrollment fees and it includes a free Mandarin course.

As part of the “Work for Master” program, the enrolled students will teach English for one to two years in one of our 800 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) schools, most of them are the large public schools in China. By the end of the program, candidates will be able to gather a considerable working/teaching experience with a Master degree certificated by Chinese government. 

I. Target Candidates

  • Students with Bachelor degree in United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British citizens, European citizens
  • Major/Degree: no specific requirement
  • No previous teaching/working experience required


During the past 30 years, China has made considerable progress regarding education and its universities are beginning to attract students from many countries from the Asia region and beyond. That is why our company has managed to find so many universities in Eastern China that are interested and, have the teaching staff and facilities to take part in our “Work for Master” program. Further, those students enrolled in this program will have a choice of 800 schools where they can teach English and gather work experience.