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The accommodation that is provided by your Chinese institution is provided to you in accordance with set guidelines set down by the Chinese National and Provincial Governments. Read more


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​There exists only a need to be able to communicate well with people and possess a good friendly nature.

Not much requirements for teaching experience for interns, some schools and companies will provide training to their foreign interns, all interns have our organizations and business partners in China constant support throughout the entire stay in China.

The minimum Educational requirement for teaching jobs in China is that you are a student currently enrolled in a College or University; or you are a Bachelor/Master degree holder; and you have achieved a TESOL/TEFL certificate. 

Native speakers are most welcomed by schools around China. According to the standard published by SAFEA China, citizens from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are recognized as native speakers. While we can still offer any candidate who speaks native-like English including native speakers from the above mentioned nations as well as people from Europe countries, we will help you enroll our TEFL course and afterwards, you will qualified to work in China as an English teacher.


A Foreign Intern/Teacher is generally expected to complete 16-18 teaching lessons per week. Each lesson is for a period of 40-50 minutes, these are termed academic hours. Candidates are also expected to complete 2-3 activity hours and 2-3 teachers meeting hours per week. 

There are TWO TERMS to a Chinese school year. Term one is from September through to late January. Term two from mid-late February / early March through to late June. Schools are employing Foreign Interns/Teachers all year round, and as such, so is our organization.

The duration of each Foreign Interns/Teacher contract is generally for 10-12 months, with a few lasting 6 months. It is advised that applicants consider a 10-12 month contract, as the benefits that accrue are far more substantial. The option for contract renewal also exists.

Teaching English in China is not just a 9-5 job; it’s a journey helping you gain valuable life experience and gives you more.
Englon TEFL is proud to offer opportunities to teach in China for recent graduates and for people who just want to explore more of the world. Teaching English abroad is an excellent career path to pursue, there are several benefits including:

  • Experiencing a new culture means opening your mind to new and unfamiliar things. You will come to appreciate the way a foreign culture operates. The fact that you’ve secured a paid role away from the comforts of home demonstrates that you are versatile and adaptable to change.

  • It’s a definite CV booster, even if you do not want to teach in the long-term. This is because you develop precious interpersonal skills, displaying that you can communicate across cultural barriers, utilize leadership skills to conduct classes and picking up a new language are great assets.


There is no national Oral English or ESL curriculum emanating from the Central Government of China. Each public and private educational institution is free to develop and implement its own Oral English or ESL curriculum so long as public degree granting institutions meet the total required instructional hours. 

Textbooks written by Chinese English speakers often use inappropriate vernacular. They are usually authored by Chinese English speakers who have little or no exposure to English culture and must rely upon their understanding of dictionary for word choice.

More often not the interns/teachers are left to their own devices to obtain materials for the oral English class. The intern/teacher must also keep in mind that topics for discussion must be of interest to a majority of the class members.