The methods, principles, and strategies outlined in this book prepare teachers to cope effectively with the array of pedagogical challenges they may encounter in the classroom. This reader also includes the legal requirements for working and living in China as well as some advice on how to adapt to Chinese culture and society and make the most out of your time in China. The main focus of this book, however, is to propose methods and strategies that will bring out the best in TEFL Teachers and their students in terms of teaching and learning English in the specific context of the Chinese classroom.

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The document assembled here is for your guidance and we advise you to study it carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your time teaching in China. You can download the document in 4 sections as listed below:

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Englon TEFL has played a significant role in internationalizing education and has been in the forefront of raising educational standards and improving student access to quality education in China. Englon TEFL has provided a bridge between educational institutions and professionals around the world through its association and direct partnership with one of the most prestigious universities in China, Zhejiang University. Englon TEFL has established relationships with over 500 educational institutions and universities around the world. 

"Teaching English in China" is designed as a course manual/reader for a certificate training program for novice Anglophone TEFL English teachers intending to teach at secondary schools, colleges and universities in China. It is a comprehensive presentation of foreign language teaching and learning theory combined with up-to-date classroom teaching methods and model lesson plans. It provides a solid foundation to teachers with little or no formal background in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Teaching English in China should also be of benefit to experienced TEFL teachers as it includes the latest research into teaching English to those whose native language is not English and, especially, those whose mother tongue is Chinese.

Teaching English in China and the TEFL certificate training program that accompanies it differs to other TESOL readers and courses as it is mainly focused on teaching English to Chinese-speaking students in the People’s Republic of China. Other TESOL courses are more generalized as they deal with teaching in all countries where English is not the native or official language. As we shall see, however, in Unit 5 of this reader Chinese English learners face particular linguistic, cognitive, methodological and cultural difficulties which are unique to those whose native language is Chinese.